Rent Villa with Boat

Rent a villa and boat together: Get the most out of your holiday in Cape Coral

You want to explore the most beautiful places in Florida? How about a luxurious holiday home as a base? Rent your own boat on request!

It does not have to be a dream. Make yourself independent of full and noisy hotel facilities. Immerse yourself in the everyday life of the local population. Enjoy your well deserved holiday  in a heavenly located holiday home with heated pool.   

Do you know the feeling of being in a strange place at home?

Exactly one such place is Cape Coral . A booming city as it is everywhere. And yet so different. Here is the vibrant life and only a few kilometers further on a pristine mangrove landscape, through which winds a variety of waterways with a total length of several hundred kilometers. Some of them lead directly to theGulf of Mexico . A paradise for water sports enthusiasts and hobby captains. So you may feel like with us. Because we are one of the leading providers of holiday homes and villas with boat. Discover the most beautiful beaches of Florida from the countryside and the sea. Rent the right service for you. You have the choice, from the living space over the number of bedrooms and the pool to the optimal leisure facilities. And since you can enjoy so much luxury in the circle dear people even more, just invite a few guests. There is no shortage of bedrooms. So a tour in a motorboat is twice as much fun!

These boats can be rented to our villas in Cape Coral

You have the choice. For your trips to the water a variety of boats of different sizes and equipment are available for rent. Let us know when booking your villa. We fulfill him. In close consultation with you we plan an unforgettable holiday and make sure that your boat is waiting for you at the desired time. 

Our boats in the overview

"The appetite comes with food," says the vernacular. We say, "As soon as you see it, you know which motorboat your heart beats for!" That's why we spare ourselves every superfluous word and let figures, facts, data ... but most of all pictures speak. Click here for the floating "appetizers"


Do I have to rent the boat during the whole vacation?

Of course not. You make the decision. After all, it's your vacation in paradise. The minimum rental is one full day. It's not worth it anyway. How long you want to use the boat beyond, depends on your planning. The longer you want to rent the boat, the more recommendable is an advance reservation.   

How does the boat get to the holiday villa?

Completely relaxed. At least for you. If the owner of the villa does not provide you with a boat, we will bring the rental property directly to the dock behind your house . After a brief briefing you take over the helm for the time of the lease. And already it goes into the wake of the great explorers.
A little digression: The Spaniards, who came to the island in 1513 and named them "Pascua Florida" after the Easter flower festival, are considered as discoverers.In fact, people lived here 10,000 years ago.

How can I rent my boat?

Just as easy as you can rent your villa. Online or by phone . Your contacts at Happy Cape Boat and Villa Service speak German and English. They are happy to advise you on the selection. To get started, smaller boats are ready. Depending on the size, these are suitable for 8-12 people. For experienced skippers there are also boats with more than 500 hp and jet engine available. 

Checklist: Villa and boat rental in Cape Coral

  1. Send us your request to  If you have already planned a specific date for your holiday in Cape Coral, Florida, you can tell us your desired date already. Of course, you can also contact us by phone: +49 (0208) 9983337 (Germany) or +1 239 233 0258 (Florida, USA).
  2. We will contact you shortly.
  3. Together, we select among all available villas and boats the optimal for their needs matching objects. 
  4. We make sure that when you arrive in Cape Coral everything is well prepared for a wonderful holiday in Florida. The modern equipped bedrooms as well as the pool are waiting for you. If you have additionally rented a boat, it will be delivered on the desired date.
  5. There are only two tasks left for you: pack your bags and enjoy the anticipation of our villas in Cape Coral. 

What conditions are required to rent a villa by boat?

The hurdles to renting and moving a boat in public waters are relatively low in Florida. Only restriction: the age. You have to be at least 21 years old.

Do I need a boating license?

Short answer: no, if I was born before 1.1.1988.

What about the insurance with the rental boat?

You do not have to be an experienced sea-bear to explore Florida's waterways with one of our boats . Nevertheless, it can always come to a loss. Then of course there is always a question first in the room.

Am I insured in Cape Coral, Florida, USA?

Are you. All boats that you can rent from us are covered by a third party insurance and comprehensive insurance

Our supplementary insurance for all cases

What the ADAC is for motorists in this country is Sea Tow for the "stranded" skipper. Also in Florida. Whether the fuel ran out, the battery broke down or you underestimated the depth of the water. The Sea Tow members are professionals and always on hand when the recreational captain needs a helping hand. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike the liability and comprehensive insurance, Sea Tow has its own boats, which come as an emergency aid in an emergency . It feels much safer.

When it comes to boats and villas with pool in Cape Coral, you are right with us and our competent boat team!

Of course we will not let you stand in the rain with your rented boat. Our employees are experienced boaters . They like to give you some of their know-how. It is not enough if you return the boat to us at the end of your vacation. We want you to do it with a laughing and a crying eye, because just the best holiday of your life is coming to an end. 

What happens during a briefing?

Training sounds like a lot of theory and boredom. Hand on the heart: No one needs that on holiday. She does not expect a presentation in your villa. We prefer "learning by doing ". However, accompanied by professionals. Captain Oliver Piskulic or Carsten Siebert pick you up at your villa. From that moment on you can feel a bit like Captain Cook. Through the channels it goes out to the sea. So you are not only familiar with the local conditions. They also learn to get on and offand - most importantly - to refuel at one of the three refueling points in Cape Coral. After this introduction, you will be able to operate the boat with the same ease as your car at home. 

How about a captain's tour?

You want to get to know the waterways of Florida, but not yourself to the helm? Then book a  captain's tour . Treat yourself to a breathtaking exploration of beautiful holiday destinations, leaving the technology and smell of machine oil to others. 

How about a little Florida feeling?

Then you should get that too. The anticipation is finally part of an eventful holiday as well as the weeks in Florida. We want to tune you a bit. Do you remember Miami Vice, the cult series of the 80s? At that time, millions of people dreamed of once gliding like the main character James "Sonny" Crockett on the seemingly endless highways of the Sunshine States. There are places that radiate their own magic. Florida is one of those rare spots on the map. Even the geographical location promises a fairytale holiday under mostly bright blue sky. Only Hawaii is a bit more southern of all US states. Daytime temperatures rarely fall below 30 ° C in spring and summer. Even in winter, the climate is pleasant. Hardly anywhere in the world is it worth your own pool in front of the bedroom as in Florida. 

Even though Florida is only one state apart from 49 others, you should not underestimate the extent as adventurous vacationers. The offshore peninsula and the mainland known as Panhandle together are almost half the size of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is all the more pleasant to be able to return to one of the numerous excursion destinations after a strenuous adventure tour to a place where you can relax next to the legs as well. If you are after a long shopping trip, you can give in to this urge in one of the many shopping malls or an outlet mall. Other highlights await you in Orlando, which is about 3 hours away with its numerous theme parks, such as Disney World and Magic Kingdom, or in Ford Lauderdale. By the way, Gerd Müller, the "Bomber of the Nation", had found his second home after his career. The menu at his restaurant "Ambry", opened in 1981, even produced white sausage and Leberkäs. The restaurant is still on Commercial Blvd. and the new owners are still proud of the variety of German beers on offer. For the trip you should plan around 2 hours. 

You would like to pack your bags right away? In your mind, are you already planning to occupy the bedrooms in one of our villas? You can already feel the pool and the sun's rays on your skin? Then do not hesitate. Get in touch with us so we can plan a memorable holiday together. We look forward to you!